Of Nerds And Raging

Hello, fellow citizens of the internet! I bring thee important news!

Actually, it’s not terribly important news unless you are feeling bereft and rudderless in a sea of despair because you haven’t seen a new episode of Nerd Rage lately.

Good news, if so! We did record a show this week, but Osei hasn’t posted it on our nifty YouTube channel yet, because he has to work out in the real world like some kind of pilgrim. *shudder* 

Remember to subscribe to our channel so you can watch that internet gold as soon as it drops. We discussed the flood, and protester outrage, and fan films, and Osei’s return to Extra Life, so you know it’s gonna be bomb.

Maybe if I use enough of the yutes’ lingo, y’all will get all hyped about the show and the channel and you’ll remember to subscribe and give the episode a like.



The Clone Wars

It’s no secret I’m a total nerd; how do you think I ended up doing this show?  One of the nerd things I do regularly is think about Star Wars.

Sometimes I think about Star Wars too much.  When that happens, it (very rarely) comes out as a video.  One of those rare moments has finally come; I’ve decided to take a look at the Clone Wars.  Not the cartoon series, but as a plot element and an event within the Star Wars universe.

So many aspects of the prequel trilogy went wrong and I think it’s helpful to explore these elements.  Not only does it help us to recognize the problems present in the prequels, it also to deepen one’s understanding of what we’ve ultimately been given and even come to terms with it.  After all, whether we like them or not, we’re stuck with the prequels, flaws and all.

At any rate, enjoy my look at the Clone Wars:

We’re Baaaaack!!!

Dust off your trumpets and break out your tambourines, because FULL FRONTAL NERDERY is back in action, baby, and it’s time to parade through the streets and spread the good news! Or sit at home and share the good news on Facebook and Twitter. Whichever works for you. #NotJudging

To celebrate, I’m posting the first of many YouTube videos for all of you lovely people who donated to my Extra Life page. Thank you and you rock!!! Art, your video will be next. You have permission to force choke me if it takes more than 3 days from today (#eyelashes #BeGentle).

This video is for Tim, who got me involved in Extra Life and has encouraged me. I think he’ll enjoy the thought that went into it after his incentive video from last year. My video is nothing compared to his, but I’m working up to epic. Tim was just born that way.

This is pretty much what you can expect from Full Frontal Nerdery. It’s the new home of the Nerd Rage podcast, so you will see some of the same content that you see on the show, but with 50% more whiskey (YASS!). Don’t forget to tune in tonight (and every Wednesday night at 8:30c). We’ll be discussing Morganpalooza on The Walking Dead and how crappy my internet connection is. Good times! Join the live chat and maybe we’ll give you a cookie. Don’t worry, Carol didn’t make them.